Raw Feeding

The first question we should ask is “Is my dog a carnivore?”  The simple answer is “yes”.  Dogs have evolved to eat meat and bone.  The structure of their jaws, their teeth and their digestive system have not changed at all since the days that they would hunt and scavenge for their food which is why it makes sense to continue just as nature intended.

Kibble/dry complete food are a satisfactory way to feed our dogs BUT is there a better way.....?

When I am discussing raw feeding one of the first questions I always ask is ....

 “Do you for every single meal every single day, eat a microwave meal?”


 So, why feed your dog the same meal everyday?


Do you feed your dog a quality food?


Find out by logging onto http://www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk


This is an independent website and rates all types of dog food for their quality and ingredients. It is really interesting to find out how the food you presently feed, scores...

We have seen much in the media of late about feeding us humans a healthy balanced diet and reducing E numbers, sugars and fats in our food and now we are slwoy getting more information and developing knowledge about feeding our dogs a more health balanced diet.

 Manufacturers are also “helping” us too by producing better quality food in convenient easy to use packaging

Why Change your dogs diet?

This section is taken off the website www.carradinecairnterriers.co.uk.

Dawn Inett Owner of The Dog House, has bred and shown a successful kennel of show Cairn Terriers for 40 years. Dawn's Cairn Terriers have been raw fed for over 10 years now and this is what Dawn writes in relation to her own dogs.....

Better Quality of Life

Our dogs seem happier (I know I am humanising them BUT...) at meal times they dive in their bowls and everyone normally eats the entire contents of their bowls They eat things with relish and delight and on egg night they are all jumping about and crying for their eggs well before I have even shelled them...

General Condition of the Dogs

When I am feeding the correct amounts and not too much, the dogs hold their body condition better for longer, they are leaner and in "good hard condition" as true terriers should be! They are not fat and blobby as they were previously.


I am sorry but I DO NOT clean the dogs' teeth, I have no need, they do it themselves... not with toothbrushes but with their daily diet. The better quality food means that the plaque doesn't build up on the teeth and the bones and crunchy food they eat removes any plaque when they eat. Feeding fish products from Angell Pet Co also employs fish skin as a natural toothbrush!


We have found that dogs are holding their coats for a lot longer and they are of better quality/texture too.

Faeces - poo - out the other end....

What comes out is hardly anything at all. On bone days the poo is white pellets and on other days the dogs poo twice a day and hardly produce anything at all. We have noticed the biggest difference with puppies that are eating four to six meals a day. Pre raw feeding to litters of pups it was awful first thing in the morning, it was poo everywhere with each puppy probably having pooed about 2 or 3 times overnight BUT with raw feeding if you get one poo per puppy that is lots! The quality of the food you are feeding is better and doesn't have as much waste in it so consequently less waste comes out.

No food waste from our meals:

When I am peeling veg or doing a salad for our meals (or I should say, when Chris is preparing our meals...), instead of all the trimmings going in the bin, the waste goes straight into the blender. The good bits go on our plates and the waste (plus some good bits but don't tell the other half) go in the blender. Whizz it up with a bit of water/gravy/goats milk and that goes into breakfast, if I'm not using it that day, I freeze it in Chinese take way containers. Dogs can digest food stuffs that are "very ripe" and it won't hurt them as their gut bacteria are much stronger than ours.


Are bones dangerous for my dog to eat?

The simple answer is no provided they haven’t been cooked first.  (You should never feed your dog cooked bones as this makes them brittle and therefore sharp which potentially could cause serious damage to the gut).

AND you always supervise your dog whilst they eat bones. If you feed bones or raw meat with bones in NEVER leave your dog alone. 

It is also advisable to separate your dogs so that they can chew their bones in peace away from each other - one may finish theirs first and then go and "worry" the other, leading to gluping

Can my dog get worms from raw food?

A sense of perspective should be retained; your dog is far more likely to acquire worms at the park checking out the pit-stops of other dogs. 

Is a raw diet more expensive and time consuming?

A raw diet is as cheap as you want to make it and can be very convenient too.  If you eat a healthy balanced diet yourself your dog can too.

Can I cook my dog’s food?

No! Cooking food for dogs removes 70% of the nutrients and remember freezing food actually kills more bugs/parasites than cooking it.

These are some excellent websites for more information:

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