NO MORE KNOTS! Grooming & Socialisation Fun Classes

We run regular Grooming and socialisation fun classes aimed at getting dogs and puppies used to being groomed and showing you, their caring owners, how best to brush your new family member


Our fun classes are just that, complete and utter fun!


  • Is brushing your dog a battle?
  • Would you like grooming time to be more fun?
  • Why not join one of our No More Knots courses?

What’s involved:

  • 3 x 1 hr sessions including FREE play time in The Play Den!
  • No more than 3 dogs per course – everyone receives quality time!
  • ONLY £25 per dog

Together we focus on:

  • How to hold your dog
  • Grooming equipment
  • How to deal with nails, ears & bums
  • Breed traits
  • Nutrition, coat and skin
  • Next courses start on:

All courses are Saturday’s, 12.30 – 1.30 and run for 3 consecutive weeks

Course participants also receive 50% off their first full groom


TO BOOK YOUR PLACE call or ring Dawn 01905 452 078 or email