Frequently Asked Questions about Grooming

Sometimes traffic problems can mean that we are all late for appointments, but please, if its safe to do so, let us know that you're running late.

If you are early, please come in. Press the front door bell/buzzer and we will let you in. You can take a look around out shop whilst you wait.

Alternatively, you may want to take your dog for a short walk, if you are unfamilar with the area, then please come in and we can show you where there are some lovely short walks for your dog.

If you are more than 15 minutes late dropping your dog off at The Dog House, we may have to reschedule your appointment, as this lateness will impact upon the running order of all other scheduled grooming appointments

Please try and let us know if you're running late.

We have a small car park at the front of our premises. The car park is signposted off the main estate road - Look out for The Dog House sign – the car park is on the left as you come down the estate road

If the car park is full then please double park and feel free to park behind the white van, that is Dawn's!

At your first appointment we will spend about 15 minutes looking at the condition of your dog’s coat and their general health.

We will discuss the way you want your dog to be groomed and hopefully the coat will facilitate your desires. However there are times when what you want, as the owner, cannot be facilitated due to the condition of the coat.

We will chat through what can be achieved and sometimes shorter clipping is required at the first appointment but then we can pre book appointments to enable us to work towards your ultimate grooming goals. Sometimes, we have to go back to basics and grow the coat to what you want.

During this consultation it is important that you share as much of the knowledge you have about your dog as possible. Previous groomer comments and recent vet visits are all relevant to our working with your dog and can help us achieve a much improved grooming finish for you both.

On average most appointments are between 1 and 2 hours in length.

When you drop your dog off we will arrange a convenient collection time.

If you would like us to look after your dog for the morning or afternoon then please discuss with us the possibility of booking your dog into our Day Hotel

Dematting a coat can be extremely painful for your dog. At The Dog House, Worcester we will NOT intentionally hurt your dog. Sometimes, it is necessary to completely clip off the dogs coat and start again.

By clipping off the matts we will instantly improve the health and welfare of your dog and we will work together with you to advise of a future grooming programme that will ensure your dog doesn’t get matted in the future.

Sometimes we have to clip the coat very short and then work from there.

We have a small selection of brushes and combs for sale which can help you keep on top of your dog’s coat. We can offer advice about a brushing regime for you and your dog at home.

In 2018 we will also be introducing Grooming Maintenance Courses. Our courses are designed to help you understand the requirements of your dogs coat and maintain the coat between visits to us for professional grooming

We generally start with a thorough brush through to remove any knots. The coat is then put into a “rough style” prior to bathing and drying. Once the coat is dry, the grooming is “finished”.

Nails are trimmed and ears cleaned too.

Dogs can get a build up of fluid in the anal gland that is situated below the anus.

We can empty the anal glands on request.

There is a £10 standard charge for this service and a £5 charge is dog is fully groomed.

See our Hydrobath page for how your dog is bathed.

Once your dog is rinsed off in the bath, we rub the dog all over with one of our highly absorbent cloths (these are for sale too). These cloths absorb a lot of excess water. The coat is then blasted with our specialist Tornado dryer. This forces the water out of the coat and leaves it damp. The dog is then transferred to our drying area. The dog is then blow dried by hand. We do not use drying cabinets, all of our dogs are dried by hand.

Hand drying ensures that your dog does not overheat and it also allows us a close up look at your dogs skin, enabling us the opportunity to spot any early signs of skin problems.

Once dry, your dog is transferred onto one of our finishing tables. Here, we work on your dog's coat to ensure that it is thoroughly brushed through, we trim around feet, ears and then clip or scissor the coat into shape. If your dog is hand stripped, any bathing will take place AFTER grooming.

See our Hand Stripping section

When you leave your dog with us we will agree a mutually convenient collection time.

If you arrive earlier than agreed, please come in but be respectful and try to keep quiet. If your dog hears you outside it will disturb him and he will not settle again, making it impossible for us to finish his grooming session.

Please be patient.

We normally over estimate the time it takes us to groom your dog so generally he will be ready for collection.

We are sure you can appreciate that we cannot have dogs running loose in the Grooming Room whilst we are working as it disturbs other dogs.

Owners are allowed to stay as long as they agree to follow our instruction. Sometimes this involves remaining quiet and not disturbing the dog.

If we are bathing and fully drying your dog you will be required to wear ear defenders during drying – this is non-negotiable!

Sometimes, owners staying throughout the grooming process can help the dog settle BUT on other occasions the owner’s presence will upset the dog. If your dog is stressed by your presence, please do not be offended if you are asked to leave and wait in the shop/car. Sometimes dogs keep “asking” their owners to “rescue” them from the grooming process and a struggle between dog and owner and dog and groomer develops – this can obviously become a negative experience for all present. So, again, please don’t be offended if you are asked to leave.

Upon your first contact with The Dog House, Worcester we will offer you an approximate cost (say, between £35 and £45) this is because, as mentioned earlier, not all breeds of dog are the same and sometimes we need to charge more for dogs with a longer coat that will take us more time to work on.

Once you have had your dog groomed with us once we will be able to set the price for the foreseeable future.

Therefore, please don't be offended if someone who has the same breed pays a different price. Sometimes our fee's are based on frequency of appointment, coat condition and behaviour of the dog. 

Our prices in the price list section are only a guide

Our prices will increase in January every year

I am sure you will appreciate that we want to ensure we employ the best team possible to look after your dogs. We believe our Team should be rewarded accordingly and therefore they receive regular pay rises too. 

We try to spread our costs and not overly increase our prices but things, as we are sure you know, go up in price and we have to pass on part of these increases. 

We hope you find our service good value for money and please remembeer that all of our help and advice is FREE

We have a card machine and can accept payment from all major debit and credit cards

We do of course accept cash too, and cheques!

The Dog House, Worcester is located at Unir 86H Blackpole Trading Estate West, Worcester, WR3 8TJ

We are open from Monday - Saturday 0800 to 1800

Please call in for a chat!

We do not offer any new mobile appointments. We do have a limited number of collection/return appointments available and these are charged at an additional fee of £15. We will collect your dog, bring it back to our Grooming Room, carry out pre-agreed grooming and return your dog to you.

Full payment in cash is expected when we collect your dog.

We do have a limited number of collection/return appointments available and these are charged at an additional fee of £15. We will collect your dog, bring it back to our Grooming Room, carry out pre agreed grooming and return your dog to you.

Full payment in cash is expected when we collect your dog.


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