Spa Treatments

If you would like your dog to receive any of the following treatments, then please let us know at booking.

We need prior notice to ensure we can support your requirements.

Payment is required at the time of booking

Four Paw Spa

We will ensure that all four feet belonging to our cainie friends are in tip top condition.

We check:

  • nail bed health
  • clean between toes
  • we will trim and clean each nail
  • working with each pad we will gently massage in Paw Wax to ensure there is no dryness which can result in cracked and sore pads
  • For our long coated residents, we will shape hair around the foot and for our short haired residents we will tidy the hair around the stopper pad and each individual nail.



Full Face & Head Massage

We use a range of basic massage techniques to relax your dog's facial muscles.

Our Team Members who deliver these treatments are trained by one of the Counties leading Massage Therapists.

We do not use massage oils just our fingers! (Please note this is NOT a treatment massage).

Full Massage (non treatment)

First and foremost this is NOT a treatment massage, this is a relaxing massage.

Our Team are trained by one of the Counties leading Massage Therapists so your dog can enjoy a full body massage using basic techniques. 

This treatment does not require veterinary referral and is for relaxation only

Should your dog require a full treatment massage we can arrange for your dog to see our Specialist Canine Massage Therapist

Grooming Treatments

If you don't have time to groom your dog, why not allow us to do this for you....

We can ensure that your dog is throrughly groomed.  If your dog is double coated (outer coat and under coat) we can work through the under coat ensuring that excess coat is removed and surplus outer coat is brushed out too

This treatment does NOT include matt removal
£10 - £50

Swim n' Style

If you would like your dog to experience the benefits of hydrotherapy we can arrange a swimming session for you (we do need your Vets prior referral)

This treatment is only available as part of a full days booking in our Day Hotel

We will take your dog for a swim, after which we will shampoo, dry and style your dog ensuring he looks beautiful for your collection later

We will use a deep cleansing yet sensitive shampoo for this treatment


Ear Clean

Even short coated breeds can get a build up of dirt and ear wax.

We can clean your dogs ears for you using anti bacterial cleaner


Bath Time

We can bath and blow dry your dog using a ph balanced shampoo 

This treatment is suitable for all breeds

£10 - £35