Day Care in our Dog Hotel

Individual lounge

When your dog arrives with us they will have exclusive use of a dedicated day lounge....

Your dog will have:-

  • A comfy snuggle rug
  • A canine cabin to snooze in
  • A memory foam mattress
  • Fluffy cushions to play with or snooze on
  • Bottled water
  • Flavoured kongs
  • Range of treats

We realise that not all of our residents appreciate other canine company and can find neighbours intimidating so each lounge is screened from the neighbouring canine guest.

Play Lounge


Your dogs experience begins by coming to our centre for an assessment. During this time we want to ensure that our Day Hotel is right for your dog. We go through:

  • your dogs like and dislikes and
  • behaviour and diet

You can both walk around our Day Hotel and its your opportunity to ask questions