Car Safety

Travelling in cars with our dogs is something we all do regularly.


Have you ever stopped to think about the dangers of dogs that travel on the parcel shelf /are loose to roam the car/sat on the back or front seat?


Let’s take the loose dog sat on the parcel shelf or on the back seat in your car – if you brake suddenly inertia propels the dog forward – this means the dog continues to travel forward at the speed the car was travelling prior to the sudden braking. If you were travelling at 50 mph you stop your car BUT your dog continues forward at 50 mph. 


We have all seen the car safety tests performed with crash test dummies and how humans are propelled forward in crash situations.  Imagine this was your dog.  If your dog is sat on the back seat looking through the front seats but not secured, he is likely to fly, in a sudden stop situation, through the front windscreen or hit the dashboard.


If your dog was secured by a harness or in a cage he would extend to the maximum length of the harness or hit the side of his cage - neither of which are as catastrophic as hitting the dashboard or flying out of the front window.


If your dog sits on the front seat make sure the air bag is switched off.  The air bag going off is basically a small explosion in the front of your car and the rate of propulsion of the air bag hitting the dog is likely to damage if not kill your dog.


Dogs should ideally travel in the back seat in either a cage or secured by a travel harness. 


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