Animal Lifeline

Supporting Rescues/ Saving Animals/ Connecting volunteers


Animal Lifeline UK are a not-for-profit organisation run by a small team of volunteers committed to improving the welfare of animals in the UK.


Every year, ALUK helps hundreds of animals find rescue spaces to give them the opportunity to find a new, loving home.


All of our rescues have a ‘non-destruction’ policy and check homes are suitable for rehoming animals in their care.

Helping to save stray dogs

Pound dogs have seven days to be reclaimed by their owners.  If not re-claimed then on the eighth day the dogs are often euthanised.

Animal Lifeline UK not only secures rescue placements for these dogs, we also find volunteers to help transport them and raise funds towards the costs of transport and emergency boarding if needed.

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Transporting rescue animals

ALUK co-ordinates the transport of animals from pounds or private homes to their rescue placements.

Our team of transport volunteers can make the difference between life and death for our animals.


ALUK depends on its network of transport volunteers to get animals safely to their rescue placements.

With so many animals requiring transport across the UK we are always seeking new transport volunteers.

Simply complete a Transport Volunteer Registration form or contact Kelly-Joy at for more details.


ALUK is run solely by volunteers and offer our services free of charge.

With the average cost of a transport run of £50, ALUK relies on financial donations to help cover fuel and, occasionally, emergency boarding.

Donations are always gratefully received.


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